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Goot is a tiny application that translates texts from one language into another using mainly Google Translate. It comes in a simple interface and is available for different platforms – Windows, Linux, OSX, with additional Java Look and Feels, or without them. Goot is, in fact, a GUI that performs translations using plug-ins, such as Google Translate and .NET Converter. These two come already installed in goot, but you can add as many plug-ins as you want. They will perform their job using online services, so, for this program to work you should be connected to the Internet. Once you have the right version installed in your system, all you need to do is select a text, copy it to the clipboard, paste it in the upper frame of the program’s window, select the target language, and press the "goot" button. Goot will automatically translate the selected text into the desired language. You can either set the program to auto-detect the source language or you can select it yourself, choosing among more than thirty languages, including some with non-Latin alphabets and some double-byte languages, such as Arabic, Chinese (Regular, Simplified or Traditional), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, or Russian. Of course, the resulting translations are not perfect. However, the results delivered by the Google Translate plug-in are surprisingly better than the ones from many expensive automatic translators. The results are accurate enough to give you a very close idea about the meaning of the source text. In brief, goot is a nice GUI that will do a good job thanks to the plug-ins it uses.

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